New book chapter "Competitive Photography and the Presentation of the Self"

Hot off the press! New book chapter: Alise Tifentale and Lev Manovich, "Competitive Photography and the Presentation of the Self" in Jens Ruchatz, Sabine Wirth, and Julia Eckel, eds., Exploring the Selfie: Historical, Analytical, and Theoretical Approaches to Digital Self-Photography (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), 167-187.

We started working on this article in late 2015, the final version was accepted by the editors in fall 2016, and the printed volume came out in spring 2018.

In my part of the article, I introduce and theorize the concept of competitive photography, and explore its historical emergence in the photo club culture of the 1950s as well as its transformation in today's Instagram photography and selfie genre in particular. 

Read more about my concept of competitive photography in this article.

Download the final working version of this book chapter for free. If you would like to cite the article, please refer to the published version because it has benefited from several rounds of revisions and edits.