Photographer Gunars Binde

My essay about the lesser known works by the Latvian photographer Gunars Binde.

Published in Gunārs Binde, ed. Laima Slava (Riga: Neputns, 2006). Artist: Juris Petraškevičs. 160 pp. In Latvian and English. ISBN 9984-729-91-5

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About the book:

Album of photographs of the active classic of Latvian photography Gunārs Binde represents a selection of the Master’s 100 best works.

Gunārs Binde holds a very consistent opinion about the possibilities and tasks of the photography just like he maintains his own refined aesthetics. Gunārs Binde has never been short of admirers, diligent pupils and patient models. Yet there was no lack also of those who keep criticising his works. However, it cannot be denied that Gunārs Binde was the first photographer in Latvia after the Second World War whose name got international acclaim and made talk about photography as art.

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